Learn how to make Mozzarella cheese in this detailed, step-by-step virtual cheesemaking class. Naomi bring her years of cheesemaking experience to this video, and will teach you how to make Mozzarella cheese at home.

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  • Checklists so that you can get all your equipment and ingredients ready before you start

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    Before you begin

    • Equipment

    • Ingredients

    • Mozzarella Cheesemaking Kit

    • Equipment & Ingredients Checklist

    • Cleaning & Sanitizing

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    Let's make Mozzarella!

    • Mozzarella Recipe

    • Step 1: Adding the citric acid and warming the milk

    • Step 2: Adding the rennet

    • Step 3: Checking for a clean break and cutting the curd

    • Step 4: Cooking and draining the curd

    • Step 5: Stretching the cheese

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